In pink you see the delivery attempt time. I was in front of my TV watching the security camera feed the entire time. It came up as him not being able to deliver and he never entered the entry way to use the intercom to buzz my apartment, so I have to call complete bullshit on that one. In fact I was watching from 8am to just after 1pm when the notification email came for the "attempt". BTW they are supposed to leave a slip on the door that they could not get you, there was no slip on the door at all - further evidence he never left the truck.

I got them on Twitter and they told me he said the buzzer was not working. The thing is, the same dude 5 times now has said "the buzzer was not working" and it's always been on a Friday. Amazing coincidence that. I mean what are the odds with the dozens of delivers the company has made to my place, that only on Fridays the buzzer magically stops working. It's astonishing.

They typically deliver to 5PM by the way. Notice the time it was marked in the pickup point, 3:06pm the guy at the pickup point scanned it in. So looks like just not delivering packages all day tends to get you off early on a Friday.

I wish I was alone with this. After talking to people on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, there has been several people say they have had them Pull up in front of the home, stop for 2 minutes and drive off without coming to the door. You see they have GPS tracking after all. But it's a third the time to drive up there wait 2 minutes and take off then to get the package to the person.

We all know that most of the time they don't actually ring the bell when they drop off either, they just leave it there for some Meth Head to take. Honest to GOD I'm willing to have delivery take twice as long with Canada Post as long as I actually get my freaking package to my home. Sigh.

BTW On Twitter I was assured that on Monday the package would be redelivered. Well Monday comes and it's 11am and it still tracks in the pickup point. So I get them on Twitter again and am told "they where too late to get it pick up today". You mead sending in a request on Friday is too late for Monday? The hell?

So I got a friend to drive me to the pickup point and went and got it myself. To be honest, when I'm paying to have things delivered to my bloody door, I don't like have to get a ride to get my package from a pickup point. As well Amazon should demand their money back from them in cases like this.

I complained to Amazon about it and got $5 added to my account, so I got a book with it. At least there is a nice new book to read on my tablet now.

With all the stories of people not getting their stuff when they where home and their stuff being delivered to the wrong address, I'm kind of wondering why all this automation they claim to have fails so often. Oh wait, it's the drivers, never mind.


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