Jerks Think People They are Being Jerks to are Jerks

Reading a review on a local business. I know the situation so it's interesting to see how they went off on the review. Saying the owner is an asshole and they refused service. The reality is, he would not give them the booze because the woman who came to the door was badly beaten and needed a hospital, yet the guy who beat her up demanded the beer and got aggressive. But yah, he's such a bad person for not giving you beer. Sigh.

People are shit. This is why I was pissed off at all the fuck-heads that where going after him when his debit machine went down. If you can't be without booze for a couple days, you need rehab not a fucking bottle of booze. Seriously, when it's worth more than your life or the life of your so called life partner, you are a pile of shit.

Every one of the negative reviews is a similar situation. One of the fuckers tried to rob the guy because he had no money to pay and just tried grabbing the bags. But yeah, it's the owners fault right. Animals.

This is why when I see a review that is vitriol, I know right away that the person writing it did some shit to deserve lack of service - it's the same every time. Like the woman in town that claims she found metal in her food at every place she has been to - must be a conspiracy of something hay? The entire city is trying to kill here with bits of metal it seems.

I just love how people who are aggressive to everyone in site, when they don't get their way, they get all childishly upset and claim the other person is acting the way they are actually acting. They project their own personality and actions on the people they are treating like shit.

Hell one guy who got upset with a few of us one day in a business could not even say why he was upset with us, he just was. The typical response of someone displacing their anger on others is "you know why". Well, no one buy you knows why. If I have to guess, it's because your crazy as hell and think a popular service organization was formed to destroy your life, not help youth who need help.

The same guy who said "you know why" has been fired from almost every place in the city. It makes me wonder how he keeps getting jobs. Must outright lie on his resume. He also owes a great deal of ex-friends of his money for car parts he never intends to pay for. I also know he has a long list of debts all over the city he will never pay off. But yeah, people who all out to get your all the time LOL - It's not you at all.

OK rant over, the game is starting soon and I want to pay attention to that. Have a good one eh.


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