A Month of Blogs Day 3 (A Strong Memory)

I'm about 9 years old and I'm on a family trip to Banff National Park. We have rented a cabin with another family. In those days we tended to do this from time to time. It would be packed in there and us kids would end up sleeping on the floor, but it was so much  fun.

At the one window on the cabin there was a stand. At the office to the cabins, there was a place to buy food pallets that the deer would eat. You put them out and the dead would come to the window and eat the food.

Being extremely close to a deer like than when you are 9 is a very big deal to you. There was 5 of us kids in total watching the deer eat. It was magical. The memory of this will be with me always. Much of that 5 days is gone from my memory but the deer eating will be there for a long time yet.

On a side note, what I found out later is that magic mushrooms grow all over the woods around there. I'm talking there are millions of them. People used to sell them in the pubs. All you had to do is go get some however and then make some tea out of them and it's trip city. I had exactly one experience with them and I did NOT have a good time and never did shooms again. I have been wondering how it would be like to try them now, as they are now legal in Canada and can be purchased just one block from me.


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