A Month of Blogs Day 4 (Places You Want To Go)


First off I'd love to go to Yellowknife. I've always wanted to go there but when I had the money to travel there, I never went. I don't know really what is drawing me to it, but I do feel like I'd love to go for a few days and see the place. It's a hell of a long drive however. It's in the artic and I've never been that far north. I feel I'd very much enjoy being some place that different from my home.

Banff National Park is a place I'd like to go back to as well. There is a lot of beauty there, but it is very built up now I'm told. I also can't find the cabins we rented there when I was a child, they don't seem to still exist.

Las Vegas seems like it would be a fun place to go as well. Lots to see and do, and one of the largest buffets in the world. It would be nice to see some shows and do a few things I've never done before. There is also a place not far from it to be able to fire large caliber guns, and that would be fun as well.

Tokyo is another place I've always wanted to go. The city seems to have a great deal of things to see. Not to mention street food like nothing you get here. To go to a Japanese opera would be interesting to do as well.

It's all pipe dreams however, I'll never have the money to go anyplace at all. Not to mention my health turns bad at the drop of a hat and I all the sudden need a bathroom. Not a fun thing to have happen on a long drive in a part of Canada that does not have any place to stop for many hours. But I do still dream about traveling.


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