Tough Jigsaw Puzzles

These where generated with Copilot (Bing) and where 256 piece jigsaw puzzles I played in Jigsaws Galore. I have to say, these where a lot harder than I thought they would be. Each one of them ended up taking a bit over an hour to put together. Bottom left was almost 90 minutes to do. I've got 36 more of the same number of pieces in a different folder that I'm going next - they will NOT be as hard as there is way more variety of color in them, so they are easier to landmark. I actually made these to send to a friend, so her grand daughter could do them (set to 25 pieces only for her). I hope she enjoys them. Much later on I have 18 puzzles that are almost 600 pieces. That is about as much as I want to do - any more pieces and I start finding it extremely hard to see them properly. I did do a set of 1000 piece puzzles last year, and they took about 5 hours each, and I had to do them in stages, and not all at once - I needed a break with them - I can't sit her for 5 hours, my legs won't take it. In any event, I highly recommend the game (link above) and I've gotten hundreds of hours of fun out of it.


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