A Month Of Blogs Day 8 (The Power of Music)


Music can inspire you. It can lift you up and get you excited. It can also move you to tears and provoke deep emotions. It is one of the most powerful forms of expression we have.

When I came home from my Dads funeral, and Mom was in the kitchen with some relatives. I wanted to be alone, so I went into the den and turned on the TV. It was on a music station as just as I turned it on, November Rain by Guns 'N' Roses came on.

To say the least it blew me away. I just dumped out all my emotions while that powerful song played out on the TV. Before this moment, I had held it all in, but this was the catalyst for cleansing the bad feelings and getting out the tears.

There has always been keys to great memories of you younger days and music. The vast majority of the time, there was music when we where having fun. At the time, it was just something that we did. When I hear any number of songs from back in the 1980's and 1990's I remember a time it was liked to and it takes me back to better times and friends long gone.

When I am depressed, music can help me get back up at times. Not always, but it does improve my mood at the time when I'm depressed at the very least. It also helps keep from the downward spiral of thoughts that can come with depression.

When I'm having a panic attack some light music will help ease the attack. It never stops it dead, but it sure as hell lowers the symptoms.

Back to my younger days, a road trip could not be done without music. It was not only a way to pass the time while we traveled, it got us in the mood for the destination.

Music is a great and large part of my life. It always has been from my early teen to right now. I don't go a single day without some time set aside for music.

It is also a connection to friends. Sending each other songs in a text message can help us share the feeling they have at the moment. It connects us in a way talking or text cannot do.

Music is life. Music is spiritual. Music is a way to escape and to draw closer. It is everything we need it to be, when we need it to be.


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