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Q: Is it good to feel guilty about being wealthy?

A: To me the difference between being secure and comfortable and hording wealth just for the sake of showing off how much you have, is something you should feel guilty for. Most of the problems in our society today are caused by a very small number of people having most of the wealth and many people not having enough to get by. Crime is way more prevalent in areas of poverty for a reason, people want to NOT BE POOR. The idea that someone who does almost no work and delegates most of what he/she/they do to others to do for them getting 20,000 X more money than someone who works to exhaustion every day is ridiculous and toxic. We live in an age where most consumer industries are making record profits (this includes grocery stores), yet the workers have not been paid a dime more for their work. The entire time inflation is driven by greed for profit, and the same workers can no longer afford basic needs at times. When 70% of your wage goes to rent, what do you have left for food and self-care? The entire time the 1% with 95% of the money don’t give a darn about them, they just want more. So yes, morally being wealthy should give you guilt, if you are not using it to help people in any way you can. I find it interesting that the very rich who give away vast amounts of money are looked on as evil in our brainwashed world, and the ones that take away benefits from workers to make 1% more a year, are looked on as heroes. Our society has its brains in backwards.


  1. But is it stopped reasonable, maybe Amazon should only be open one day a week otherwise they make too much money

    1. They pay much better and still make shareholders a lot of money.


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