Answering 25 Very Random Questions

1. Can you get over your dead parent?
Some people seem to be able to, I on the other hand will always miss my parents. I mostly got used to them being gone, but I will never stop missing them. It’s been 13 years for Mom and 33 years for Dad, and I miss then every day. Now and then the pain of that loss comes back.

2. What is the connection between feeling heavy and being sad or depressed?
Depression can cause physical fatigue, this will make you feel heavy and make it harder to move around.

3. Have you ever dated somebody who was way older than you?
Largest age difference for me way 18 years. It was OK, but we soon found out we where not compatible. I do however know people who where happy for many years with a 24 year age difference.

4. Whose death has completely altered your life?
My mother. Part of me died with her.

5. What is your wish for next year?
Win big on the lotto

6. Are adults ever self-conscious about the way they look?
Yes, most people are. It's sad.

7. How do you cope with getting older?
I have no reasonable choice, so I just live with it.

8. As you got older, what did you realize in life?
Nothing is constant but entropy.

9. What did you lose as you got older?
Pride. It's meaningless now. I find it to be folly.

10. What’s an addiction you wish you could break?
Booze. I keep wanting it even though it's seriously not good for me.

11. What was your scariest experience working the night shift?
A bat his the window. I thought full on they never did that but it did. THUMP right beside me as I was doing my rounds on security. Made me jump and I dropped my flashlight.

12. What addiction is a lot more common than people think?
Alcohol. People don’t realize you can be addicted and only have drinks on the weekend. For some, there is a fundamental need to have a drink or two after work. Society seems to think this is normal behavior when in reality it is an addiction. Another big one is eating. A great deal of people satisfy an addiction to food every day. That one is VERY hard to get over, as you literally need food to live.

13. Is it normal to still sleep hugging a plushie as an adult?
Normal no. But it's perfectly acceptable. If it makes you sleep better why not?

14. What is the mildest stroke that you know of or have experienced yourself?
Mini strokes can happen to anyone in the right conditions. Personality, I was at the computer then all the sudden I was in the bathroom looking in the mirror. My friend said I made a strange sound and walked away. It was literally 5 seconds of time. The ER found nothing wrong and told me it was probably a transient ischemic attack.

15. When I get excited about doing something, I get the feeling that I want to eat. Why is this happening? Is it bad for my health and productivity?
My best guess is you have a lot of memories of being excited during large meals like Christmas dinner. It would differently trigger the desire to eat when excited.

16. Why does getting your belly stuffed with food feel so good?
Your brain is programmed to feel pleasure after you eat. It's a survival mechanism from the time we where still Hunter gatherers. It is to motivate us to go get more food. In modern times it can be inconvenient at best.

17. What are you missing in your life?
Financial assurance. I am always wondering if I will need something desperately and not have the money. I live on $1200 a month. Half goes to rent. There is nothing after expenses.

18. Can you wish on 222?
You can wish whenever you want. The outcome will not change depending on the time or date.

19. What's the point of living if you're often bedridden?
Mu Aunt was in bed for 14 years. She had hobbies she could do, a phone to talk to people, frequent visits from relatives and friends, could watch TV and listen to music. She was happy most of the time. Then there are also able bodied people who can’t seem to keep the desire to live. It’s all in the mind. If you don’t get depressed for one reason or another, life can be great even if you are very limited in ability to do things.

20. Can depression make you feel like you can't love?
Yes, but more often it makes you feel that you are not loved by anyone.

21. How important is proper sleep in managing body pain?
Very. I don’t sleep well most of the time. I also suffer from chronic pain and have for most of my life. On the odd occasion I get enough sleep, I am in noticeably less pain the next day. When I get little to no sleep, the pain is much worse.

22. Have you ever had a fly attack your face, eyes, ears, or head in an annoying way?
There are these very small flies where I live. If they get close to you, they will buzz back and forth in front of one of your eyes. I really dislike them.

23. Do you prefer spending your weekends being active and adventurous or relaxing and unwinding?
I’d rather be out doing stuff like walking the nature trails, however I’m disabled and can’t do that anymore, so most of the time I’m either playing on my computer, watching Netflix, or sting on a patio watching the world go past.

24. What are your passions, interests and hobbies?
Making fractal art on my Computer. I’ve made tens of thousands of them since 2014. As well, I’ve done thousands of jigsaw puzzles in the last 12 years (most only 100 pieces).

25. Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt an uneasy prescience?
Yes. I have social anxiety and if I am not with a friend and walk into a room of strange people I feel nervous. As well I have entered empty rooms and felt that something is just wrong and don’t know what.


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