A Month of Blogs Day 2 (What Makes Me Happy)

Today in a month of blogs from prompts, it's, "what makes you happy"?

Music makes me happy. I enjoy listening to music a lot. I spend a few hours every day on listening with my headphones on or on the TV.

Jigsaw puzzles make me happy. They relax me a lot and clear my mind. They also give me a sense of joy while I'm doing them.

My friends defiantly make me happy. They are always there with a joke or a good MEME. They lift me up from a life that is not all that great at times.

Oddly enough, storms also make me happy. There is something about seeing it rain and the lightning flashing, and the sound of thunder that makes me smile. I have been that way since I was a young boy.

It's rather easy to make me happy, but it does seem hard to keep me that way. I tend to over-think everything. But this is about making me happy. One more thing would be a good comedy adult oriented cartoon, like family guy - it always gives me a low-brow smile.


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