A Month of Blogs Day 6 (Being Single and Happy)

There are a lot of people out there that think they need another person in their life to make them happy. I recommend if you need this, get a pet - the pet will love you as long as it lives and won't argue with you. OK cats will argue with you, but we won't go there.

I love the freedom of being able to do what I want when I want (to the most part) and not have to bend to the needs or will of another person. I also like the ability to watch what I want when I want on the TV. I don't need to share the remote.

To be honest, to have a life partner and be on SAID here in Saskatchewan screws you over as well. They will cut you off if that person is even minimum wage part time some place. They expect the other person to keep you fed, housed, and clothed.

Lastly, I had 3 live in G.F. in the past and they ALL turned out to be controlling and abusive people. I don't need that in my life at all - no one does. After the third I set it in my mind to never do this again, and I never did. Being that I hate going on dates as well, not much chance of running into Mr. or Mrs. right.

So for company I pretend a stuffed toy cat I keep on the fridge is my pet, and pretend to take care of her. Yup totally sane thing for a 57 year old man to be doing LOL. But it helps me out mentally so I keep doing it. I pretend to put out food and water, give her treats, play with her, give her cuddles, groom her. I can't afford a real cat, vet bills would be out of reach to say the least, so I do this. Yes it freaking well helps me be happy and not depressed all the time. I have a friend that has a pretend cat as well, she is not quite as old as me, but it helps her.

So instead of a life partner I have a stuffed toy. I also have me freedoms - to a point - being disabled and poor A.F. does limit what you can do in life. Speaking of, I am not deeply in need, but if you would like to donate to me having a bit of fun, my PayPal is HERE.



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