Facebook AI Mods Don't Work Worth A Darn

Facebook, you suck! This is the 7th time in 3 months I've had a blog post link removed by the AI mod. Every time it's been restored. I got hit for "nudity and sexuality" for a cartoon of a guy drinking coffee. No nudity in there at all, and it got reversed on appeal as well. It's just silly A.F. The fired hundreds of people and let the AI loose on us, and it's not working out very well. Being most people have not one clue how to appeal, they end up in FB jail for an error.

Artificial Intelligence at best is as smart as a hamster. Being a hamster will literally walk off a table and fall to it's death on the floor, there is no hope for AI. As well, there has been a couple of times I asked it to make a picture for me, and I realized it was almost identical to an actual piece of digital art I'd seen before. They literally admit it's not original content but copied and modified content. It's just different enough not to get legal action taken. B.T.W. in Canada and the USA it's not possible to copyright protect an AI image, as there is no human creativity in it.


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