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Honest to God - there is no reason for this to show up as a recommend. I don't tend to watch a lot of shows or movies that are not dubbed into English. In fact I dislike them to try and make the algorithm stop recommending them. Well it worked for a long time - no foreign recommendations for months now. Then I watched a Vlog by OMV and this popped up as a recommend in Netflix the same day. Yuppers. Now granted, I have actually watched several shows that are not dubbed. So who knows - But I'm sure it's freaking monitoring everything I do. Dang interwebs.

Missley Squishy Toy (Dick Man)

I've never seen this happen before on Amazon. I wanted to review the stuff I last got and this came up. I have to wonder if they caught them cheating and putting in their own reviews?
I like the toys and in the future might get the boob stress toy as well. They did have a bunch of toys that looked fun.
So this little fellow sits by my TV watching chair and I play with him now and then. Yup sitting in my chair playing with a squishy dick. How can life get better then that?
Took like 6 weeks past the dew date to show up BTW but yeah. I like it. I honestly thought it was lost in the mail it took so long so I emailed them and they asked if I wanted a refund or to resend the toy. I told them to resend it - so I'll have a second dick sooner or later LOL.
BTW I was going to give it 5 stars - You have no idea how fun this thing is to me. And it's very stretchy and squishy. Great stress toy. It sort of sticks to the table as well. It did leave a mark on the end table.

Electronic Noise Playlist

Bonfire – Knife Party
Kyoto – Skrillex
Seven Nation Army – The Glitch Mob
Make it Bun Dem – Skrillex & Damian Marley
Freaks – Savage & Timmy Trumpet
Bangarang – Skrillex
Voodoo People – The Prodigy
Smack My Bitch Up – The Prodigy
First of the Year (Equinox) – Skrillex
Lone Digger – Caravan Palace
Internet Friends – Knife Party
Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites – Skrillex
Levels – Avicii

Heavy Old Person Music Playlist

You Spin Me Right Round (Like a Record) – Marilyn Manson
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) – Marilyn Manson
Dragula – Rob Zombie
Smooth Criminal – Alien Ant Farm
Personal Jesus – Marilyn Manson
The Sound of Silence – Disturbed
Come White – Marilyn Manson
The Dope Show – Marilyn Manson
Bodies – Drowning Pool
Mobscene – Marilyn Manson
Life After Midnight – Disturbed
Sail – DevilDriver
This is the New Shit – Marilyn Manson
Freak on a Leash – Korn
Living Dead Girl – rob Zombie
The Fight Song – Marilyn Manson
B.Y.O.B. – System of a Down
Sells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana
Beat It – Raintime
I Don’t Like The Drugs(But the Drugs Like Me) – Marilyn Manson
Smoke on the Water – Throne of Chaos
Tainted Love – Marilyn Manson
Carry on Wayward Son – Hell Within
Bad Romance – Halestorm
Tourniquet – Marilyn Manson
Poison – Alice Cooper

I’m Old Playlist

Karma Chameleon – Culture Club
You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) – Dead Or Alive
Drama! – Erasure
Africa – Toto
Forever Young – Alphaville
Every Breath You Take – The Police
Chains Of Love – Erasure
Bitter Sweet Symphony – The Verve
Enjoy The Silence – Depeche Mode
Breath of Live – Erasure
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) – Eurythmics

80s and 90s Playlist

Solebury Hill – Erasure
Blue Savannah – Erasure
Don’t Go – Yaz
Don’t You (Forget About Me) – Simple Minds
Ship of Fools – Erasure
Hold Me Now – Thompson Twins
Take On Me – A-Ha
Love to Hate You – Erasure
Eyes Without a Face – Billy Idol
Beds Are Burning – Midnight Oil
It’s A Sin – Pet Shop Boys
Chorus (Fishes in the Sea) – Erasure
Don’t You Want Me – The Human League
The Promise – When In Rome
Lay All Your Love on Me – Erasure

The Death of Virginity (poem)

"The Death of Virginity"
2018 David S Nicholson

Poem over an image.



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Disability/Disorder Misconception Tag

1. What is your disability and how does it affect you?

I have Fibromyalgia, Schizoaffective disorder and Depression Anxiety disorder. The Fibro makes it so I’m in pain every moment of my life and limits my ability to move around, stand up for any length of time or even sit in a chair for more than 3 or 4 hours at a time. Some days the pain is enough that I am incapacitated to a great extent.

The Schizoaffective disorder is well under control with medication, so it is no longer an issue.

The depression anxiety disorder on the other hand is managed but at random I get crushing anxiety that makes it hard to focus on even simple tasks. This happens almost exclusively at home when I am alone. I do not have bad anxiety attacks when out and about but will have little ones.

2. What is a common misconception of your disability?

For the Fibro it’s that it can be treated effectively with medication. Most of the time medication will either not work at all or only for a short time. As well people can’t…


Went up 5 last week and down 4.4 this week. I'm at 334.6 lbs (152.1 kg). Total loss since my heaviest of 498 lbs is 163.4 lbs. Total loss this term (term 3) 24.4 lbs.
On a side note, no pizza for the rest of the month - only cheats will be a veggie sub once a week. Also switching to Thursdays for weigh-ins from now on.


Was coffee day yesterday and I enjoyed the hell out of it. I do have to say, at one time I would have been annoyed at people like us though LOL. I used to get upset when people where a bit loud in a place I was in. I got the hell over it.
We talked about a great deal of things and got slowly more excited doing it and the volume went up. It's always after we get louder that we start to be inappropriate. It's actually amazing no one has ever complained about us. In fact some people join into the talk.
It's good times and I am very glad to have my friends and the ability to go out for coffee. This month I am light on money as last month I had a great deal of extra expenses. That being said, I have enough for coffee, a treat on Fridays and my birthday dinner in a couple weeks. I may even have a couple bucks left over at the end LOL - I do mean a couple.
Next month God willing I will have the normal amount of money. But I will be spending more that month on things I don't norm…


Cold day, wind blows.
Watching TV, sipping coffee.
Check mail, nothing there.
Eat veggies, tasted good.
Pet Pusheen, smile wide.
Shave face, wash up.
Make vlog, watch vlogs.
Netflix movies, into night.
Headphones on, music good.
Go sleep, wake up.

Decorating the Bong 1 and 2 (Abstract Art)