Friday, May 18, 2018


A sign of dehydration. Wrinkles on the finger tips that is. I been talking to a bunch of others with fibromyalgia and they seem to get this way easily as well. See our body seems to work overtime getting rid of fluids. I do actually drink a lot of water but still seem now and then to end up dehydrated. This may actually acvouac for the constant headache most of us seem to have. My kidneys and liver are always in God health ither than one kidney has a cyst on it.  Get them tested in blood work every 6 months. So yeah no idea why we all seem to pee way more than others.


So the Co-op is not that far from here and this is one of their carts. The guy down the hall brings them home with his stuff in them. He hen leaves them at the end of the hall intad if taking them back. He dies not seem to be alone. Every now and then there is a bunch of them in the garbage room. I don't know who takes them back but sooner or later someone does. It's always the little ones too. I always in the past wondered why there are none if them to be found there at random times. I know there are lots of them so it made no sense. Now I understand. Now to just catch the cart fairy collecting them for the return trip.


Won a Colouring Book

A friend makes hese wonderful colouring books. She does them on her iPad and then imports them to her Mac to finish up and set up for the books. This will keep me busy for years to come. I don't do them often so it will last me. is the link to buy them.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Ghost Hair?

So this is a 6 inch long white hair. Not one clue where it's from but I keep getting them on the same leg. The strange thing I it's been haoohappe for years now and soans 2 buildings I've lived in. The other thing in this place is green foam rubber bits and black fuzz. I have no idea where hey are coming from as well. Is there is starting to be bright red fuzz. Again no idea. LOL I'll never know but I'm interested in where this is all room.

Flawed Sweat Pants

Can't seem to get at this from the inside as the pocket is in the way so I did it on the outside. All 3 of the new sweats have a weak spot in the exact same place. It looks like hell but honestly amost no one will ever notice. Being they are 2 months old I not going to send them back. But I sure will not go fo the discount ones again. There is also a great deal if wear at the bottom of the legs. So hey will not live long. Sigh. So hextvtime I'll spend twice as much and get seats I know will last 3 r 4 years instead.

Food Sins of the Past

In the past this was the norm. I consumed massive callories. The first year I the diet I lost almost 80 lbs. The next year not nearly as much. Seems my brain stopped telling me no to eat that and I gave in often. Still managed to drop some weight in the long run. Still I need to get back on track.

Fibromyalgia Symptoms I Have

1 Severe pain. Starts in the neck then my shoulders then the left side of my chest and down my back into my legs. Neck is much worse than the rest. If it's bad enough I get an upset tummy with it.

2 Random itching all over my body and my face is always much worse. Sunlight makes it worse. There is often redness on my face with this. Nothing makes it stop.

3 Tired even if I sleep well. I can drink coffee till I'm jumpy and I'm still tired as hell. The more I do in the day the worse it gets. If I push the pain will come. Cleaning  day is always a killer.

4 I forget words often. The more fatigued I am the worse this is.

5 Overactive bladder. I pee way more than normal. I can get dehydrated very easy if I don't drink more than is normal.

6 IBS like symptoms. But not with the same triggers. Does not matter what I eat or drink it will happen.

7 Sensitive skin. Often comes with the itchy. Even clothing will cause the sensation of burning and pain and make the itching worse. Even the wind causes it to be worse.

8 Feeling like I'm drunk. I get dizzy and spaced out just the same sensation of being drunk.

9 Visual sensation of liquid on my eyes. Blurs the vision.

10 Headache that's lasted for 18 years. It gets worse in a flair and comes with light sensitivity.

11 Food triggers. Processed foods and beef or pork can cause a flair. Sugar will always cause a flair.

12 Feeling I'm being pricked at random all over the body with a needle.

13 Bug moving on me sensation mostly on my scalp.

14 Sweating for no reason even if it's cold.

15 Recurring rash in several spots on my body. I keep them clean and dry but it still happens.

16 Weakness. I don't seem to be able to lift as much as before or open jars like I used to. Even standing is a problem at times.

17 Scent sensitivity. I get an allergic like reaction to scented products and there are very few that don't bother me.

18 Muscle cramps at random on my back, sides of my torso and legs. This last while the hands are in the list as well.

19 Terrible memory. It can take a lot of effort to remember things and if I don't put things in my phone calendar it's gone forever. Names are the worst for this.

20 No set time limit for a flair but most of them start at night. Most only 8 hours but can last week's. CBD oil helps me.

21 Sitting or standing for long will cause my muscles to hurt and cramps to happen. I need get up or lay down now and then. Coffee outings always give me problems.

22 Bothered by a lot of sounds or loud sounds. This sounds strange but it can cause a flair. At the least it makes me unable to understand people talking to me without great effort.

23 No temperature regulation. I can go from hot to cold and back in a room with a regulated temp. I can also feel hot on my head, hands and feet and cold on the rest of me.

24 Random twitch of my hands, neck and eyes. You have no idea how often I spill stuff or drop stuff.

25 Cold water or air on me will cause muscles to tighten and give me pain.

26 Feeling of pressure in my head. Like when you have a cold but with a clear nose.

27 Pain in my man bits for no reason.

28 Ringing in my ears when I'm tired even though blood pressure is normal.

29 My feet feel wet most of the time even though they are very dry.

30 My eyes feel dry and hot and itchy. This gets worse as the day goes on. I've put drops in and it does not help.

Friday, May 11, 2018


So over on Facebook many months ago I blocked someone with mutual friends with me. This person screwed me over kind of good and is a paranoid kind of person. So knowing that we would eventually be tagged in the same posts by someone, I unblocked him just to drive him nuts. You see when you are not blocked the tagged names look different then when you are blocked.

Sure enough the person immediately blocked me within hours of being tagged together. This for a normal person would be that but evidently he unblocked me to see what I was posting (only guessing but with him it's very certain).

The big lol here is that there is a time frame that I think is 3 months where you can't block them again after blocking someone.

No I have no interest in going farther as I think this was being enough of a dick so I'll leave it at that. But there has been the temptation to go and share 3 or 4 of his posts so it shows in his notifications and drives him into a rage. But there is a limit to how sick my dark sense of humour is. So I'll just leave it at this for ever like.

There was another person who I ended up blocking that just kept making new accounts and literally 90% or more of my blocked list is him. You see this one just kept using his real name and the same profile pick and friending the same few people and as soon as the fellow would comment poof blocked again.

Must be a terrible fate to be so obsessed with someone you go to these lengths. I mean I'm kind of curious and a bit nuts but wow, when it becomes a large part of your life to see every last thing a person or people do online, you need some serious help.

Anyhow I'm off to watch my YouTube feed. Have a good weekend and may you be at peace. Huggles.

Thursday, May 10, 2018


Reaper pepper chilli. Anazing how little you need to make it so spicy it makes you sweat. Can of tomatoes, 2 cans of maple beans, chicken and reaper pepper powder. Made 2 meals. Tomorrow will be special I'm sure, but for now it's making me smile.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Often people with fibromyalgia get "you don't look sick". The thing is after years of having to deal with day to day life when in pain, you tend to learn how to hide it. This then becomes second nature to you. We do this rather that deal with questions from random people all the time.

It gets to the point that we don't seem to be reacting to pain and this causes people to not think we are in pain. Like any mask people wear it hides the true self from the world. It also makes doctors less likely to understand the pain level or believe you have pain.

We also tend to push it some times when we are not well so that we can get things done. This never ends well and will put us with days or for some weeks with extra pain. But for people like me who has no one else, it is a must. After all no one will shop or clean for me. All my friends in town are about as disabled as I am after all.

Like so many other illnesses it's invisible to the world. There are no indications we are sick. The same goes for depression, anxiety and a never ending list of others. So no we don't look sick. Mist people who are don't.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Flood Proofing Kind Of

Looks stupid but it will work. I was worrying about the oopossibili if a pipe breaking, so I got all the cords off the floor. I out the power bar for the TV and computer o the stands and put this extension in a bowl lol. Thing is the water won't get any higher than this, it's not possible unless the city is washed away lol. So it's safe enough. If he heatng blows up the TV will get hit anyway so this is the best fix j can come up with.

OCD Triggered

Well this was at the place we went for coffee. Seems nice and simols until you notice it. The word SIZE was a snack I instead of a capital one like the rest of the letters in he sign. As soon as I saw it, it bothered me. LOL. I pointed it out and none of us okd looking at it.

Btw $2 for an extra egg or 2 slices of bacon would add up fast when you consider that the bigger breakfast with more eggs and bacon is only $3 more than the normal one, it also has more hash browns wit it. Then again they raised the hell out of their prices.

6 Days of Dinner

 Bean chicken and tomato soup.
 Bean and chicken soup.
 6 inch Mr Sub assorted with lots of veggies in it and honey mustard sauce.
 Tomato chicken soup with chilli.
 Lentil with veggies and chilli.
Chicken soup. Chicken breast no skin no bone. Chicken stock. Peas and carrots. Cinnamon and Thai chili. Was actually very good. Keep the cinnamon light and it will be fine.

Strange That... AKA Blocked!

So got the above comment on a vlog. To put it in perspective the person sent me something 9 years ago. I've seen all of her videos and commented on all of them and liked them. So to get this made me wonder why they thought I was no longer doing so.

I went back and looked at several videos. I was the only one not replied to. So I switched to my tag channel and went and looked. Sure enough the comments did not show up, so I've been blocked. You see when you are blocked now the comments are hidden but still there and not one person sees them but the person who is blocked.

I tried to explain on her one video with my tag channel and they did not understand. So I just unsubscribed and walked away. I don't have time for people who block me then wonder why I'm not commenting.

I was nice and gave them a chance to fix it but sure enough they don't get it. So off I go to watch people who haven't blicked me LOL. I wish them well, but I can't get them to understand.

Day in Photos

Medical Update

 Incision almost healed. 2 small spots left and does not need covering any more.
 Pinhole spot left on the drain hole. Does not need covering.
No idea what these are. Doctor told me years ago but I don't remember. They are supposed to be harmeless and filled with blood. I have 2 of them on me and they are small. They never get bigger and don't hurtor bled, so no worry.

Seems I ordered the swabs I got for nothing, they few I had did the job. But now I have really a lot if them if needed. Also have bandages left over but not water proof ones.

Monday, April 30, 2018


I have a tracker on this blog. There are some interesting trends and several people keep visiting. One of them is from town and will use the search function to hit several pages. Generally looking for the same things over and over. I kind of wonder what kind of paranoid state they have to be in. I've never named names as I  not interested in attacking people publicly. Instead when I tell of a situation I make it as general and genetic as possible. I'm interested in the incident not pointing a finger and saying it wad this person. There is also 4 others very much not local that stop in every few days to read the new posts  one every single day. Burge way how do you like the lack of paragraphs? I'm doing this because it's how someone who reads this types just for a friendly poke  don't expect a comment they are far to shy for that. Anyway have a wonderful day.


Recently I found out that my brother has died. In fact it was 8 months after that I found out. No one bothered to call and no one got a hold of me. I guess I was not on the call list in the home he was in.

As for his son he got hold of me on messenger and it's lucky I even saw the message request. After a brief interaction I found out my brother was dead.

I thought about calling my cousins but they have had a sad lack of interest in our lives to this point. I figure they would not care one bit, so why bother.

It's strange that after all the stuff he had done I stilled loved him and I cried for his loss. After all he ripped mom off for all she had and we both still forgave him.

Maybe it's because I know his life for years was sad and lonely. He was also living in pain, way more than I have.

He drank away a family and his friends. He left behind nothing of value. But he was my brother. We where both adopted but he was still like blood to me.

I will miss you my brother. You can rest now. You are free from the bonds of the bottle and the pills. I only wish I could have said goodbye, but that was denied me. Rest well man.