So here we go. This is in reference to the Tattoo blog post and my friend waiting. So I showed up for the appointment at 8 PM like planned. I was told about 90 minutes to do the job. 
You expect it to have a bit of time on either side of that estimate, depending on how things go.

Well it turns out that it took 5 hours. Year I know right. That's a long time.

Here is the problem. The person that drove me insisted on waiting for me outside. I messaged her after a while when I realized this was going long (OK a mutual friend texted her). She was told to go home and wait for me to text her. She INSISTED on waiting - she does this often. There have been several times she did not want to come into coffee with us and sat for hours in the car waiting.

So at 9:30 PM my phone turns to "do not disturb" and it makes no sounds after that until 8:30 AM. So I did not know she was texting me about things.

Here is the kicker - I TOLD her to not wait outside and she demanded that she do this. So come like 1 AM or so when we are done, she is gone and I look at the phone - she is all pissed off and went home.

Now she is in a mood that I made her wait in the car all that time. The thing is, there is no possibility of her LISTENING to anyone else ever and going home to wait - so tell me how this is my fault.

She don't want to talk (women do this ALL THE TIME when they get pissy - they don't want to talk about it), so I have no idea what the actual hell she thinks I should have done about it. Was I supposed to say "well I know you have not even finished the outline, but I have to go now"? No rational person would expect you to stop before it's finished to please someone being unreasonable (like waiting in the cold winter night while you get a tattoo).

So I ended up bumming a ride home with someone else and expect she will be angry with me for a while, even though it's all on her for not listening when I said "It's going to take longer, go wait at home and I'll text you". Do remember - she insisted on waiting.

See I've talked about people with this mindset before. They literally won't listen to reason and then become offended as hell when things don't go as expected, no matter how irrational that expectation is.

I've know her for a very long time and I love her like family (even after this bullshit). I did not desire her to wait outside, but I can't make people understand that waiting in the fecking snow and cold is not something you should do for hours.

So I'm left with wondering if she was locking to be pissed off. I tell you, I do love her like family - but this seems to happen a lot. She causes a situation that makes her angry that the situation is happening.

There have been times she will offer to do something and then be angry she had to do it (not to me other than this time - but with others). How can you make this better? You can't she wants to be angry. And like 100% of the people I have ever met who WANT to be angry nothing will fix it.

I'm actually not aggravated that she is being this unreasonable. I'm am just always astonished when people do this kind of thing. They set up a situation that causes them to be pissed off then blame someone else for what happens. Good GOD we all know at least one person like this, now don't we?


  1. Some people you just cant win with, my wife had this parent help with her play they volunteered to do all this stuff, about a week before the play the parent start emailing asking if my wife had found help for her she could not possible do all this herself, all this that she had volunteered doing by herself mind you lol so yeah lol this is on yoru friend not on you.

  2. Also always assume that women believe that you can tell what they are thinking lol

    1. She volunteers to drive her brother than complains about it.

      Yeah it on her.


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