Well this was this weeks feeding frenzy. I started out on Friday with a large 2 topping pizza and a 2L Coke. Then on Monday I had a free medium 2 topping pizza on points and I got it and a large 2 topping that day. I saved the medium for Christmas day. There was also a 2L coke with the large pizza. On Saturday I had an entire tin of cookies and a 2L coke. Christmas day I had that pizza I mentioned, 2 plates as shown above and a large amount of pickles. That night I got into the pickles some more and eat most of them. I drank a 750ml bottle of bourbon between the hours of 5pm and 3am. The next day it was more ham and cabbage rolls. The rest of the time it was the normal food I eat.

Yes this is a lot of food, but I have had a pig out like this and only gone up 6lbs, so the 13 is a bit of a shock. This could be in part water weight from the massive amount of salt and preservatives I have consumed. We will see what happens next week when I do my first weigh in for the new year.

Monday is new years eve. I want to get a bottle for that and if I am smart, not drink it all in one night. I'll also be getting a bunch of junk food for the night. Yes on Friday I'll do the normal pizza treat as well. So might not be much of a drop the next weigh in. But if I'm right about the salt, it might be a 5 or 6 drop. We will see, time will tell.

Happy new year, and NO REGRETS. The holidays are always an atrocity. Then again, this entire year was a right off actually and I did not lose that much. I been up and down the entire year, as I been foolish a great deal.

I always have the intention of getting back on the band wagon, but we can see it does not always happen. The first year, I lost a large amount of weight - so I can do it. But I'm not going to beat myself up over it if I mess it all up again. It is what it is.

The fact is, I've lost over a great deal of weight and I'm feeling more healthy than I have in 10 years. So I'm happy.


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