Little Caesar's Deep Dish Pizza and Bread Sticks

Little Caesar's limited tome item I got about 2 weeks ago. It's a deep dish pepperoni pizza with bacon around the edge of it. Along with it is Parmesan cheese bread. It's enough food to fill up 2 people quite well and was $13 (plus taxes). Eat half of it then tossed it in the fridge for the next day and had it cold for lunch - was not nearly as good cold, but did not suck. The only way this could have been better is if there was bacon bits on the cheese bread. I notice it's not on the menu at the local shop right now, so I guess you missed it. To be honest, I liked the cheese bread more than the pizza even though there was BACON on the pizza. I pulled the pizza apart with my fingers leaving the crust for last BTW.

I have to report it gave me tummy issues as I am not a normal human and every time I eat things like this I pay for it with 2 days of bloating and an upset tummy. It also seems to have given me a Fibromyalgia flair some how - more than likely the processed meat. But it was freaking worth the suffering.

Side note I had it delivered with Skip the Dishes and was happy that the driver could get into my building - the 4 before him had literally no idea how to get in here. I know - how hard is a front door and a buzzer? But it's a good day when the delivery guy gets in without having to phone me to ask how to do it. 2 of the 4 had to phone a second time to ask how the buzzer works (there is instructions on the buzzer BTW). Come to think of it, one driver could not even find the 11 story tall building surrounded by houses... So ya know.

To sum up - I'll give this thing a 7/10 for taste and price.


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