So this is one of the worst things you can see when you tattoo is still scabbed up. It's infected.

The other day I snagged it on my coat sleeve and it ripped a bit of the scab off.

This alone is not a good thing as it is not ready for this to happen. But it seems to have let in some infection.

The doctor in the ER said it looks like cellulitis. All I know is it's not good. Infection can destroy a tattoo. So I don't know if my dream tattoo (Pusheen eating Pizza) is going to be OK or not.

This is a lot of stress I tell you. I been wanting this on my arm for years. Sigh.

Yesterday it was not red at all and now it's got a large red aria around it. It also hurts like hell. When I hang it by my side it throbs. So yes this all points to a not to friendly infection.

I'm on strong pills for it. The shit of it it, a healing tattoo does not like antibiotics. It can in some cases fade color. So I'm in general not a happy camper.


  1. Ouch! looks painful Dave, hope u heal up soon!

  2. ouch and once again I confirm I never ever want tattoos

    1. Getting it did not cause this, my snagging it did. Sigh.

  3. yes but if I dont get it I cant snag it :)


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