So I'm slowly changing my entertainment services. Right now it's like $217 (plus tax) for Cable TV and Internet. Unfortunately I have a contract with a large disconnect fee if I drop out before the end of May. Thus there is 6 months of paying an absurd amount of money for what I'm getting.

Right now I am also on YouTube Premium for the Music side of it and no ads on YouTube and the skimp amount of original shows. This is like $12 a month.

Now I want Amazon Prime and have signed up for it getting the 30 day free trial of it. I'm liking very much the selection of TV shows on it - I already in 24 hours am in love with a couple of shows on it. So I'm keeping it.

I've signed up for prime now as I will use it now to watch things. I also get the free rush shipping with it on amazon. Now the Music side of it is a bit confusing though.

You see, there is 2 kinds of Amazon Music. There is Prime music that has 2 million songs and NO playlists and a limited selection of auto generated play lists and so on. Then for an extra $7.99 a month (doubling what you pay per month for Prime) you get 40 million songs and playlists and a very large amount of auto generated play lists.

See the original plan was to get Prime and go with the YouTube music for $9.99 a month and drop the YouTube premium part for an extra $2 a month. But Then I tried the Amazon Unlimited Music 90 day trial and for the price difference of $2 I think it's worth it to me to switch.

The $2 for YT Premium (over top of the $9.99 for YT Music) is not worth it to me. I only watch 2 people with ads and I'll live with ads on 2 videos every now and then. As for the Originals - not interested really - not worth it compared to Prime Video.

There is a 3rd video service I will be getting AFTER I get rid of cable. I'll then get a fire stick and watch all my streams on TV. At that time I'll be getting Crave TV once again. Right now it's part of the HBO package in Canada so I get it with that. They have the HBO content after it is no longer on air first run - so there is a delay - but I'll live with that.

When I drop Cable I'll also be switching internet providers to Sasktel from Shaw and dropping the speed to 40 down and 10 up. Right now I'm getting 150 down and 15 up. The upload speed dropping will effect my video uploads, but I'll live with it.

The change in price to go from cable and very fast internet to slower internet and streaming services is about $100 a month. I'd very much rather have that money than to be able to blindly select a TV channel and sit in front of it. With 3 services I'll be able to get what I want when I want.

Yes there are a few shows I'll never see again as I'm not willing to break the law to see them. However they are not worth a wack of money to see.

The streaming services with the FANCY version of Amazon Music comes out to $39.96 - the cable alone is a bit over $90 a month. See where I'm going? Then when we drop the speed of internet I save more money. With internet it's $99.96 a month instead of 217. The difference is $117.04.

These prices include the increase in  Netflix in Canada as of next month. If you like add on the $4 difference for Amazon Unlimited Music instead of YouTube Premium.

Remember this is 2 more streaming services that before as well.

Yes the Amazon music does not have all the rare songs that YT music seems to have, but ya know - I tend to not listen to them often and you can find them on YouTube add free most of the time.

I just wish I could do this now instead of 6 months from now. There will also be about a week where I won't have anything on the TV as I won't have the Fire Stick ordered until the 5th of June and the cable stops on the 27th of May. But it's worth it.

Also will be 3 or 4 days with no internet so I'll use MOST of my data uploading vlogs that month. They will have to be short as I switched to a plan with only 1 GB of data. I might add on a bit of data for extra month (Sasktell lets you) to keep from the big ass overage fees. I don't want the internet bill starting on the DANG 28th like I did with Shaw.

I'm actually not sure if the "Shaw open Wi-Fi" in the lobby will work without having Shaw service in my apartment - if it does will use that to upload. If not spend like $20 to add on data to the phone.

I've also changed my phone plan this month. It is $20 less the way it is now. However I don't have unlimited long distance and only 1 GB of data instead of 5 GB. As well if I am out of town - answering the phone is long distance. But I'm almost never out of town.

The change in cell plan pays for my Prime and fancy Unlimited Music plans BTW.

I'd get the Fire Stick sooner and watch Prime on the TV, but I don't have any open ports on the TV to use - so will wait for June.


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