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So I got an update on Windows 10 and the stupidest crap I've ever seen it do happened.

I had Chrome and Word open when I shut it off last. Well there they where opening up when I powered up Windows.

Well, why in the world do you think I want this to happen? I'm not a Mac user - I do know how to open apps.

See it was easy in the past, just power off and it shut everything down (most of the time). But NO we can't have that, we need to "fix things".

So I went to the forums and holly crap people don't seem to be happy with this nonsense.

The fix for this "fix" is in the Account Settings under Sign-in Options. Scroll down to the bottom and there it is. Click it off - like in the picture - and it SHOULD stop re-opening the apps that you left on when you shut down the PC.

I literally have no desire for this to ever happen and from what I'm seeing almost no one wants it to re-open apps. See making all this extra code just makes it more easy to mess things up. Sigh.

Remember when an update turned off the ability to use the most commonly used webcam on the planet? Well I do, I own one. That took months to fix.

Then they did something to the audio on USB devices. This one is strange as hell, as it don't seem to effect every Windows 10 PC - but it has effected the last 2 I owned. See it has very low audio when using a USB mic to record sound. I've tried it all and nothing fixed it. So now I have a $70 mic in the desk drawer that I can't use. It's not been fixed for years now.

I swear to GOD if Mac would run any of the things I use literally every day of my life, I'd switch. But there is no way to get any of the things (other than office) to run on a Mac. Don't give me the side boot crap either as that is running windows and it's bugs.

So unless I want to spend as much as a new car on software to replace all my toys - I'm stuck with Windows 10 and it's many problems.


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