PaintShop Pro 2019 Missing File Locations Solved

The new PaintShop Pro 2019 has a new thing in "workspace" called "essentials" this is the default setting and in it you don't have the ability to set file locations. You have to go to File Workspace and set it to complete. You will then have to re-setup your workspace as it will put it all back to default, but you will be able to find your file locations for all your saved stuff and plugins. Why the hell they did this I will never know.

As well the crop tool does not work properly when you are zoomed in on the image. It jumps and you just can't get it to be in the right spot at times. It also does NOT scroll when you hit the edge of the zoomed in image like it used to when adjusting the crop aria.

Other than this, the program works fabulous and has not crashed on me and seems to boot up faster than previous versions.


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