Health Update AKA OUCH

I have this extra rib at the top of my rib cage. Well it causes issues now and then - right now it's doing just that.

I have hurt a muscle in my lower neck because of this mutation. It is giving me constant pain the last 4 days and won't give up on it.

I'm at a loss as how to fix it. Rubbing it don't help. The tennis ball on the wall trick don't help. Putting the tens machine on it was a terrible mistake and Icy Hot does almost nothing for it.

To top this off I've been having a Fibromyalgia flair for the last 3 days and it's not even slowing down for me. I'm literally in hell typing this up at the moment.

Well I'm going to edit some stuff on my Google Docs and then go lay in bed for a while.

I was going to say something very TMI at this point about the pulled muscle and not being able to do something without pain - but I'll be good.


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