Holly Cow That Was A Mistake (Reaper Pepper Grinding)

 Here there are fresh out of the mail. I got them for $9.99 each postage included. One for me and one for a friend to give to her friend. Got it on eBay. Yes they are authentic.
 So I drop them in the spice grinder and grind them up. It all went well till I took the top off and the dust got me up the nose. Well that kind felt like burning hell. It's an hour later and it still burns. It gets better though...
Here it is in a baggy. I dumped it in carefully as to not make more dust. But I skipped rule #1 of handling things like this - rubber cloves and a mask. You already read about the nose and to some extent my mouth. Well washing out the lid I got some on my fingers. I washed with dish soap as they tell you to do.

Well I have a coffee and go to take a pee. Guess what? Now that part of my body is on fire as well. This is AFTER washing my hands well with dish soap. So yeah, you want the gloves. I knew better but I wanted to do it today and not wait till I got gloves and a mask, so I paid the price.

Next month I'm going to make a big pot of chili out of this. There will be a very small amount of it used. This is literally enough of it to make 30 gallons of chili that is hot as hell. For my YouTube friends when I eat the chili it will be on video.

I used to eat very spicy things all the time but my body is no longer used to it as it's been at least 5 years since I have had mega-hot spice. So this might be entertaining.

Remember when you handle things this hot, gloves and a mask when you grind it. Never tough it with your hands. My finger is irritated from touching it. A fresh pepper can cause chemical burns to sensitive skin. As well touching your eyes with the oil on your fingers will send you to the Emergency Room.

I've seen people eat one of these things but I really don't think you should ever do that. Some people have had to be rushed to the hospital to save them from dying after that bad move - it can swell up your air way.

I'll be adding in very small amounts and taste testing as I cook. I want it really hot but I don't want to damage myself. You can end up puking or pooping blood after eating stuff this hot.

On the up side you get a chili high out of it LOL. It's short lived but there. Some people kind of like that feeling. I'm indifferent to it. I just like the sensation in my mouth for some strange reason.

Anyway - happy pepper eating and be safe (Unlike me today).

OH one last word: People with COPD or other respiratory illness should not eat things this hot or be in the room when it's cooked.


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