Nov 2, 2017 in Photos

 By the back door you will see this. That is to my building. We can't smoke in common arias. This is a good thing as I hate smoke and it actually bothers me as in burns my eyes and hampers my breathing. So there is this place to put your smokes out. I've never seen it used although I have seen buts in it.
 A cop got someone speeding in the school zone. There is a high school near us and there is a 24 hour lowered speed zone there. There is a lot of after hours activity there and in some parts of the year you see activity at all hours of the night, thus 24 hour 30 KM/H zone. The ticket is usually kind of a lot in a school zone. So I'm sure this person was not too happy.
 This is the emergency exit from the basement of the building. I don't have a clue why it's there as you could walk up 1 flight of stairs and be at a fire exit. But oh well there it is. The roof over it is metal and you can see the rust from it.
 This brick has been covered in sealant of some kind. There are large metal bins that go in this location so it's more than likely how it was damaged. This will prevent water from collecting then causing more damage when it freezes. It may look silly at first glance but it makes a lot of sense.
More than likely had 18 OZ of Alberta Premium whisky tonight. I'm more than a little buzzed. In fact I'm fighting the urge to just up and sleep to get this post done. Yes I'm that dedicated to by freaking blog LOL. I really want to watch something off my DVR after this, but It's bed time now. I also got into the discount Halloween candy so I'm having a rather not too nice Fibro Flair... Don't feel sorry, I knew it would happen - just did not think it would be this bad. Oh well, life is what it is and I knew it would happen. So off to bed I go after popping a couple of pills (night meds).

BTW did you know that sleeping pills ALWAYS make me more awake? I kept telling them when I was in the hospital and they just kept giving them to me... Sigh no one listens... I'm not alone in this, I know 2 other people who are exactly the same. They are also like me, almost immune to industrial pain meds - so they are of no use to use... Trust me I used to have a doctor who would give you anything you asked for and I tried a LOT of narcotics - not much help at all. So in the end I am about fucked if I need strong pain meds... Oh well, thus is life...

Have a good one and keep smiling.


  1. I took care of a patient once who was allergic to all the heavy pain meds. The only thing that worked for him was cannabis. Hope you feel better soon!


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