Not Worth The Price

These are AOFU Micro SD charging cables. Well they were nice for about 3 months. After that they started to give me shocks when I touched them and well the one I was using caused the charger to heat up very badly. I am talking to the point it was not safe to run it any more. I had to replace them after that. They also seemed to slow down charging rather a lot after this time. When I replaced them with more expensive cables the charging rate improved 4 fold. I am going to have to say these are nor worth the price I payed for them ($15.99). Paying a slight bit more will end up in you being a lot more happy with your cables. Best thing is they are billed as "fast charge cables" and they never did fast charge the phone tells you when you are in fast charge mode. It never said it. The replacement cables had the phone saying "rapid charge" right away. The replacement being "Aukey" cables.


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