Birthday Junk food Binge

 Well Smitty's in the Mall gives free cake on your birthday and they come sing happy birthday to you. That was slightly embarrassing to me but the cake rocked. It's strawberry short cake if you did not guess.
 This was the bag that held the rest of the stuff...
 Yeah this was great and died right off the bat.
 Actually saved this for the next day.
 Got 2 of these and had 1 while watching movies on Netflix. It was 190g. So dang good.
Eat the grape in the late hours of the night. The other 2 died the next day some time after the chocolate did. This is like my fave candy of all time.

This was Saturday and I was expecting my Fibro to go off and me and for some strange reason it never did. So I got lucky. Other than this stiff neck today (Monday and eat this on Saturday) nothing happened. Like normal no idea why the stiff neck. Been getting them since I was a teen. Could have something to do with me being very over weight...

Was with a group of my friends and the Fibro stayed away long enough for me to sit there for 5 hours and enjoy the hell out of myself. I'm sure this will be week 3 of blowing the diet tough... Oh well, it was freaking worth it. Got to live now and then.


  1. Got to live now and then DAMN RIGHT! enjoy life you never know when it will be gone. Happy Birthday again.

    1. Exactly. Yeah I want to live a long time, but I also want to actually live a little. Most of the time I'm alone playing on the net or watching TV - so the ability to up and have some enjoyment other then that is a great pleasure.


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