And Pink Pusheen :)

Got my Pink Pusheen in the mail. It is part of a set of 3 that you see below, all pastel colours. Pusheen is kind of an obsession of mine. I have a bunch of the stuffed toys and the colouring book. I tell you if I win the lotto the first thing I get is the 49 inch Pusheen plush. Being that it's $700 no chance of me getting it now. I been a fan of the Pusheen comic since before they where popular. I also have the book "I am Pusheen the cat". I'm that much of a slave to Pusheen.

The strange thing is I live with chronic pain and when it gets bad, holding onto my one Pusheen plush (A small gray one) makes the pain less but a long shot. I mean it's better than drugs for me. I can't explain why - it just makes me feel better.


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