Everything Wrong With Me

Can’t stand for more than 15 minutes without being in a lot of pain in my back and losing feeling in my legs.

Can’t sit for more than 60 minutes without the need to lay down or get up and move or my knees and back become progressively more painful.

I get pain flairs that start in my neck and go down my back then move across the front of my chest and into my arms and legs. At times the pain has be almost unbearable. This always happens in the same order. Has been a 10 many times in the past. Seem to be strangely resistant to most forms of pain medication BTW, I’ve tried a great deal of them over the years with my previous doctor. It feels like muscle pain.

I have constant pain in my neck, back, one spot on the front of my chest and my legs. This would very day to day from a 2 to a 3 generally. Temperatures that are to hot or cold will case this to be worse.

Cluster headaches on the left side that can last for days. Nothing will take this pain away. It varies from a 4 to an 8 in intensity. They will typically last 40 minutes to an hour then go away for an hour or so and come back. The cycle seems to be very random as to when it happens and how long it will last. I have gone over a year in the past with no headaches.

As the day goes on some time between 8 pm and 11 pm I will feel quite cold and need to turn up the heat. This has happened for at least 10 years and in many places not just at home. After I will generally be very hot feeling for a short time.

I get an itching sensation all over my body that normally starts on my face. It can be quite intense and nothing seems to help it. Now and then my face and scalp will get red blotches on it during this itchy spell. BTW for over 12 years now there has been a spot on my back that has not stopped itching – generally it gets a lot worse during an itchy spell.

I get physically and mentally fatigued rather easy and some time this will last for days with little to no excursion. Sleeping does not fix this at all.

I have balance issues that happen on random days. Some days I will be fine and other days I get worse as the day goes on. I have almost fallen many times from this. Normally my body will want to fall to the left and backwards. This correlates most of the time to days when I am fatigued.

On days I am fatigued I have problems saying some words or remembering names.

My right shoulder has chronic pain issues and gets worse if I use my smart phone too much (so I try to limit it). Typing on the computer or using the mouse does not seem to irritate it as much as using the phone. Laying on my right side does not seem to affect it. Moving my arm up or out to the side does affect the pain but I seem to have a good range of motion.

I have intense panic attacks that last up to 8 hours at times. They are very random and I can’t seem to find a trigger for them.

For 2 months I have been using Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seed Oil 100mg twice a day to treat the pain. This has reduced the day to day pain by about 80%. It has reduced flair intensity by around 60% and there are less flairs. It has also vastly reduced the panic attack and now they are far apart and last only around 20 minutes at best. It has done nothing for the headaches or the itching. It has greatly reduced the fatigue instances as well as the memory issues.

Schizoaffective disorder. This is regulated very well with my medication although I still hear voices in my head quietly all the time. Stress can greatly affect this though in a very negative manner.

Depression. The medication I am on for it seems to have greatly reduced this happening and the instance of depression is very rare as in only every few years for a day or two.

High blood pressure and heart issues that are at this moment well regulated by the medication I am on.

In the last 9 months I have developed pain in my fingers that is worse the more I use my hands to do things. This will happen more as the day goes on and at this time is not an issue for the best part of the day. The pain is a the same feeling you get when you have a cold burn (touch something very cold) but not very intense. It also reduces the strength in my hands. On the odd occasion I get this in my toes as well.

I have a strong dislike of being around people I don’t know but I can supress it well with a bit of concentration or distraction. This is not to the point I won’t talk to strangers though.

Dry eye itching (slight) for most of my life no matter what the humidity is.

Eating beef or turkey will give me a mild headache. If I eat them for several days in a row, then the headache gets worse every day and will generally last all day.

The pain issues and fatigue have been going on for about 18 years now and slowly getting worse.

Have a rather strong reaction to scented products that causes my eyes to burn and my breathing to be restricted at times.

Chronic sleeping issues and have been to a sleep clinic in the past. The CPAP machine did nothing for this and I ended up sending it back to them. The Hemp Seed Oil seems to have helped this a bit.


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