Rambling Blog About Where I Live

I love my building. It's quiet and there are no crazy people making all kinds of problems here. YA know, like almost every other place I have ever lived...

Now this is NOT a complaint as they are nice people. This is me being curious as hell about everything around me...

So the nice person next door has another nice person in the building (I think they are related) visit her every single day. Not strange right? Well it's a minimum of 6 times a day and never for more than 30 seconds.

I noticed one time he had knocked on that door next to mine 8 times in 3 hours one day. Now if you know me in real life, you know I don't have the best hearing in the world and I'm not snoopy enough to go listen to the door.

So I got not one clue what they talk about for such short times and so many times a day.

As I say, they are quiet about and nice folk - so no worries. I just have this desire to know what it's all about, yet I'm too lazy (or too nice) to snoop. LOL, so I will never know.

There is one fellow way down the end of the hall that coughs so loud I can hear it if I am near my door (still inside). See I got this thing where I worry about people I don't know - this is that... Every time I hear it I have a urge to go check on him. But I'm sure that would be intruding so I don't.

Besides they check on us every morning. If we don't have our "I'm OK sign" out at 9 am they come knocking on the door. If we don't answer it, they get the maintenance guy and come in.

This is how the nice person next door ended up in there - the last person was NOT OK. Never did hear what happened and I tend to not ask, so... But all I know is that one never talked and this one does.

Now on the main floor there are tables to play cards on and a pool table and a shuffle board. These things are all payed for and maintained by the tenants association. That is where my bottles and cans end up - in their drop box.

See I don't know how to play either game and I hate cards (OK I suck at them), so I don't use any of it. But I want to give to allow others to use these things.

Now lets talk laundry. The laundry we can use any 2 machines at the same time (2 washers, 2 dryers, 1 washer and 1 dryer). I do it in the night when most of the others are in bed. I'm not bothered this way and there is WiFi down there - so I can watch YouTube videos or listen to music on the phone.

I tend to do my walking down there at night as well. I walk from one end of the dinning room to the other and back. I do this for some time then I go sit down and wait for the washer to be done. I then dry things and watch videos.

Now and then I have a can of pop while I'm washing clothing. I get diet as sugar messes with my Fibro. But most of the time I don't get anything. This reminds me - the actual coke slot has never worked and no one has ever fixed it. But oh well.

We also have this nice patio outside with benches and tables and a BBQ (no we can't use it). Now and then there is an event and for a small amount of money you get a hot dog or hamburger. It's fun and I enjoy them. Even though I don't really like being with people I don't know.

As for the dining room we use that once or twice a month for a pancake feed or a dinner. The pancake thing is often $4 and the dinner is often $12. I have never been to any of them. I don't like most of the food they tend to have at them and well Pancakes are not something I need.

I've been here more than a year now and I have not met one person that I don't like. Well there was the one fellow who was loud all the time and I don't like loud (talks too loud) but he was friendly as hell. I've not seen him in months - I heard there was an issue with the cops, but no idea...

I've noticed there is a Wii and a TV downstairs. I wonder if anyone plays with it? I've also never seen anyone on the bike down there or the treadmill. There is a walking club but I do my walk alone.

So all in all - I fecking love living here... It's the only nice place I have lived since I stopped living with my Mom all them years ago. The majority of other places I lived had some wild people and a lot of crime around them... Sigh... But this place is very nice.


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