Blog Statistic Fun

Someone in town looked at everything I posted on my blog in the last 3 months. Another one looked at the same post 4 times and another post 2 times. A 3rd person looked at 2 posts 3 times each. I love my tracker. Oh wait, I'm just this bored...

Huh... Someone from the department of national defense looked at my review of the Android Box then 12 minutes later in the same city someone else looked at it LOL. So I'm assuming that they texted the link to their life partner or friend from work...

A few months ago I had someone go threw every section of the blog over a 14 hour time span in the same day. We are talking about over 1800 posts in one sitting. Kind of wonder if they where just as bored as I am right now, or they where looking for something and did not know how to use the search box...

12% of all my traffic is for the same blog post. It has to do with animals so I can see why. Strangely enough most of those hits come from a Facebook post in a group.

I have the ability to label IP addresses and it's smart enough to know if you roll your IP to a different spot on your modem as most of them have more than one IP attached to them. In any event, the same person keeps looking at the same post at least once a week. I got no idea why, but it's photos of me using a makeup app. So I guess they really like Drag Dave?

I had to block the search engine bots from showing in the statistics as they seem to hit my page twice as often as real people do. So it was messing up my stats. This started to happen after I got the custom url.

Over 90% of my comments are from the same 5 people.

The posts people like the least are Art posts and the ones they like the best have something to do with me being fat.

25% of my hits come from Twitter or Facebook.


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