Fecking Government And Their Forms LOL.

Here is the deal - Mom died on July 20th 2017. So March 21st 2017 they send me this. It's money they did not at first know was owed to Mom. They wanted to know her Social Insurance Number of course. Well it's almost 5 years. How many people would have actually kept that information? The entire time thinking that the estate was done with and all.

So I filled out the form and got it witnessed by a friend. Now I just have to send it out. The (as mentioned in the letter) enclosed an envelope to send it back. Not a stamped one of course, as they will make you pay for that...

Really do have to wonder if they expected me NOT to have some of the information they asked for. Typical government there...

BTW I was NOT the executor of the will. For legal reasons, I had a friend do that. So they first sent him a letter and had him fill out a form. They literally said in the letter who do we send the check to. SO instead of a check I get a FORM to fill out and mail in. Sigh.


  1. Forgive me but at present it is March 26, 2017; did you mean your mom passed away in 2016? Hugs (((Big Guy))).


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