Gillette Fusion Proglide Flex Ball Review

 Gillette Fusion Proglide Flex Ball is about the best razor I have ever had. I have tried many over the years. The last one I had was the older version of this product. This was on sale at Wally World for $22 and is about the same as 4 blades normally. And yes there are 4 with it although it does not look at at first glance.
 This is the product in the holder. It helps keep the blades sharp as they don't sit on anything this way and it keeps everything nice and clean - the blades are under it.
 This is the bottom view. It holds 4 blades at a time. All the refill sets are in multiples of 4 - 4, 8, 12 and so on. I have not seen more than 12 sold and they are expensive. Buying in bulk does not effect unit price at all.
This is my old one. It's almost the same but does not move side to side, just pivots up and down. The holder is not as stylish as well. The blades are the same and will fit both products as will the ones with the guard around the blades - but I don't think they shave as well. No discount blade has ever shaved me half as well or lasted more than 6 shaves. These tend to last me 6 weeks per blade. I also don't shave every day, but every 2 or 3 days. So... Do the math. There is a powered vibrating model as well but I have never used it. My friend swears by it though and only uses the vibrating one.

The product gives as good a shave as a traditional safety razor but is far more safe to use. It does NOT shave as well as a strait razor though. I personally will never try to use one, but one 2 occasions have had a shave in an old style barber shop with one. It was a hell of a shave both times.

You can get this product as well in a nice box set with 4 blades and a can of shaving cream. Yes I think the cream helps the shave. You also need to find the right balance in a cram though. Some are too slick and the razor just glides over the stubble. Some are too thin and allow razor burn. Personally I use "edge ultra sensitive". It's just right for me.

All in all I give this product a 9.5/10 It's not perfect as it's easy to clog - but if that was fixed it would be a 10...


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