OMF Twitter Why Is This So Hard? (Bad Words)

OK... Literally the hardest thing I have ever done online was logging into the FUCKING TWITTER for windows APP. Holly shit on a stick. Well it won't accept your actual password so it gives you an app on in a text message. WELL it's about impossible to type it in with no mistakes and it if you fuck it up even once - your account is LOCKED. So then you have to log in with the browser and have it send you a reset link then reset the password then go back to the FUCKING APP and well by this time it WON'T accept the temp password you got the first time so it texts you a 2nd one and you have to hope to GOD you don't fuck this one up... Sigh - thank GOD I got the 2nd one typed in right. Literally never had this much problem logging into anything ever... I'm only using this crap app because Twitter seems to FUCKING HATE Chrome right now and every single time I post a link from Chrome it locks me out saying some suspicious web site is using your account. Sigh... IT'S YOUR FUCKING WEB SITE I'M ON AT THE TIME. Sigh... God knows it will be 8 months till they even realize there is a big ass bug and fix it's ass or anything. SIGH... DANG...


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