It freaking hurts

Pain originally started 5 hours after eating brown beans and quickly rose to a 9 and stayed there overnight.
The next day I eat some white chicken mean and the pain went up to a 10.

It stayed at a 10 for 2 days. during that time, I went 27 hours before eating again and there was no relief.

On day 3 (today) it dropped to a level 3 to 4 most of the afternoon. From 1:30 to around 8 pm and after an hour-long nap it was up to an 9 again.

It is now 8:30 and the pain is down to an 8. Most of day 2 it was a 10 and until around noon of day 3 it stayed that way.
The pain is worse on the right side from just above the hip to my ribs. It feels like I must poo but I can’t go. I have use a laxative on day 2 and it cleaned me out well and still had the feeling that I needed to go. There is a general feeling of bloating in my entire abdomen. On the right side where the pain is the worst it also feels sharp and hot. It is tender to the touch. I do not have the chills and my heart rate is rather normal for me. There is a sound like gas moving around in my belly. I am burping a lot and passing gas at the other end very rarely. The worst spot is just above my hip on the right side and it is very sharp. It hurts worse when I reach behind me to the right and when I breath or caught.

Also, I have had a sore neck and a headache since last night that I would rate a 5 or 6. And I am rather sure I have not had enough water today. Bowel movement happened twice today and was lose. There was also a rather bad smell to it.


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