Why I Won't Be 80 When I Die

 Not only did I spend the first 20 years or so of my life in the same home as a chain smoker, I smoked for several years lightly. I'm kind of sure cigars are way worse than cigarettes...
 Until the last year of my life I would consume mass amounts of food at least 4 times a week. This lead me to be the size I am today (and then some). I've lost 70 lbs or about in the last 52 weeks, but the damage is done and my heart is not as healthy as it should be.
 Not sticking to eating when I should. See I have this problem with my brain that now and then I feel hungry when I in fact am not hungry. This lead to may times me going and eating out of the fridge in the middle of the night and so on. That just added to the large feeds I would have.
 I can no longer afford to do this, but I used to once a week consume mass amounts of alcohol to the point of not being able to walk right. I did this from about the time I was 20 to about the time I was 43. Then I toned it down and only went on a tare now and then. Now I really rather just have a sip. But once again - the damage is done. More than likely whey I keep losing things - I just have no memory now...
 Well I stopped drinking way too much and I stopped eating mass amounts of crap food. BUT I still drink 6 to 12 cups of coffee every single day of my life. This just can't be good for me. I remembering the doctor recommending that I switch to decaf and me saying "I would rather die". This is my last pleasure and I ain't giving this one up.
OK this has nothing to do with the fact I am doing to drop dead before I'm 80 - but I just look so dang good in drag. Ya know ya wanna.


  1. The thought of getting that old scares me, I am 46 and I am already hurting everywhere when I walk too much, and when you get old people start ih=gnoring you, you are just left there to shit your pants and piss your undies, oh and Jello I cant stand Jello aaaaaargh

    1. Yeah I don't want to be 80 really. As you say it hurts now what about 20 years from now?


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