What The Hell Twitter?

So this shows up every 2 FLIPPING DAYS. I have not used any web pages to share a link on Twitter in ages other than ones that are safe to use. The only service I have authorized to use my Twitter is Google (YouTube and what not), My flipping phone app (made BY Twitter) and Nothing Else. There is NEVER anything in the log about anything posting to my Twitter other than Google and my App on the phone EVER. So why the shit am I getting this so often.

Not to mention Every time I close Chrome and load it up again Twitter opens and Facebook opens has my home pages. Well it asks me to log into Twitter even though I keep clicking the "Remember Me" box. And well 4 times now LOCKED instead of logging in.

I see a few other people complaining that it is doing this when they access from the PC as well. So at least I am not alone. Here is the real LOL, it was doing this in 2012 as well as far as I can see. 


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