Is It Spring Yet?

So I done went outside and sat on the patio today. Well, it was 13 C out there but the wind was strong and cold. I did not stay out long as I seem to have a drippy nose and I had to go back in. But it felt good to be out in the sun for the short time I was out in it.

Most of the morning was sunny and then it was spotty the rest of the day. Here you can see this rock filled what ever it is with water and ice in it. Not all the snow and ice is gone but most of it is.

They expect there will be no floods this year in our aria, so this is a bonus. The run off in most of this part of Saskatchewan has been slow and early. It's been a heck of a warm winter and it's melted many times in the past. This will help for sure.

But there is enough ground water to help the crops out when they get planted. This again is a bonus. Out economy is linked to farming and mining in this province. So good crops is good news for us all.


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