Something In The Universe Does Not Like Moose Jaw

OK this shot is AFTER the nice lady at the paper fixed it.

So I go to the web page of the people who own the local news paper. I had an internet only subscription for the news paper. I wanted a hard copy to hold in my hands as I much prefer this. The difference in price a month is about $7 and for that I will pay to have a hard copy.

I changed it in the settings to update my subscription to the printed version. WELL... It processed and today I was supposed to start getting the paper delivered to me.

Well that did not happen. So I phoned and they said "it says you have internet only". Sigh my account on the web page telling me the entire time that I have print staring today. Sigh... So obviously for some strange reason it did not talk to the computers of the people here and tell them that. God knows why. But she fixed it.

Before I was going to be billed on the 11th (Saturday) for a pro-rated amount till the end of the month as there was still a bit in the account from the other subscription. Well not it's going to bill me on the 14th evidently. I hope... I just hope I get the paper tomorrow and Saturday. There is no paper on Sunday and Monday here.

As you see in the screen shot though it says I have the print version and it is in effect as of today.

Well this is not the only strange thing that happens here. I have many times had someone tell me they where out of a part after looking it up in the computer only to see it on the shelf. I do mean many times.

There is also the matter of the water lines. Well there is always breakage in lines - it's normal. BUT the moment they laid out a schedule to start replacing the lines all over town they started to blow up fast forward. We are talking almost every day now POOF goes a line. We had one day where 7 went and the other day 5 went. This is unprecedented - but only goes to prove my theory that the universe is out to get Moose Jaw...

We have had many businesses that should have been a success fail outright. We have had others move out of town for better places to do business.

Internet outages around town as well for no reason and when the company tests the aria it's fine. Yup the universe don't like us...

These things are coincidental of course and happen everywhere but it makes for good copy to say the universe don't like us LOL.


  1. Personnel problems? No one wants to update databases all day? As for the water lines, when were they first put in? I bet they are a hundred years old. There is nothing glamorous about replacing water or sewer lines.

    1. See the web page is literally written in HTML1 - it's ancient. So no wonder it don't work well. As for the water lines they actually are 100 years old. But it's strange how when they decide to finally replace them they start to blow up all over town LOL.


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