A Slice Of My Teen Years

We had kind of a strange dynamic in my family as I grew up. My mother had a very conservative and Catholic type of view on the world. My father on the other hand was not so strict (strange as he was a cop).

One day I came home with this. It was 1981 and I was 15 years old. Well mom about flipped out, but dad told her "let him keep it".

I was a punk and metal fan in them days. I really enjoyed this stuff. The strange thing is, the family was not that shy for showing skin. It was not strange for my dad, my brother or myself too be naked in the house at times. That is to say in full view of the family. Mom on the other hand kept covered up all the time. Just the way she was raised.

The rap thing was kind of new to us up here in Canada at the time and I hated it - still not all that fond. I was stuck to classic rock, metal and punk.

Not long after this phase I branched out all over the place and started to listen to almost everything including classical music. No my collection is all over the place. Sure I still have a pile of metal, rock and punk but I also have opera, techno, country and many more styles. I am also a big fan of classic roots blues by people like B.C. Read (from Saskatoon - I know you never heard of him).

Anyways, this LP came up in a search for something else and it sparked the memory.

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  1. Great story, Dave! My musical taste is eclectic also, got exposed to classical music in grade school. We had a music teacher that made music appreciation, fun. That led to a lust to find what other kinds of music was out there.

    1. Anything but Rap for me. It's about the only thing I don't like.


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