What I Had To Eat And What I Want To Eat

So spent too much money. This was $28. I got a Curry Chicken (extra hot) and a Garlic Butter Shrimp. There is a pile of it left over for tomorrow. I also have a pile of the bean soup I made last night (literally finished cooking it at 1:30 am).

Anyhow I thought it was kind of funny how alike the two fortune cookies where to each other. The shrimp came with tomato slices and they where not bad. I miss having fresh ones though. We had a cousin who used to drop some off back in the day. No longer get any. So these kind will have to do.

My next thing I want to try is Pourine Pizza Pops. I am told they have them at the Wally World here. They are rated 1 star but I have never gone by ratings. You see people will not like something and not even try it and rate it 1 star just because and almost no one who likes something will rate a product. Just how people are I guess.

Yes I know on Monday I had no money but some came in that I was waiting for. So I used some for this being that I used out of pocket money for the clothing in the first place. I tell you that was far more expensive than the clothing advance you are allowed and this bit of funding put together. But that is life. I got to have clothing. Can't walk around naked...


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