Hospital Parking...

This is across the street from the hospital. There is some kind of thing to do with the city water in this spot (not in the shot). So this person parked in the drive up to the building. Well it's $2 an hour to park in the dang hospital parking lot and they will tow you away for parking on the street. Sooooo... The western development museum is just around the bend and has a mostly empty parking lot there and a nice size one. I am actually shocked that people don't park there and walk to the hospital around the bend. It's only twice as far (or so) as from the bus stop after all.

All I can say is I am glad that they will give people on assistance a taxi coupon to get home free from there. The ride home would be around $12 or $14 for me. But most people are out of luck as they don't qualify. See we shut the buses down here at 9 pm.

This is a truck route so thus the no parking on the road. The only reason trucks use this path is to NOT have to go under the bridge of doom (it's been hit about 50 times now). So if they ever fixed the dang bridge in the first place to be an overpass like in a normal city, then there would be no trucks and a LOT of free parking. Oh well, that would be millions - so not happening.

But I'm told some hospitals have $5 or more an hour parking so, I guess it's not that bad then is it. BTW If I drove and could walk well enough, I'd have done this as well... You watch a no parking sign spring up there soon.


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