Almost Broke But Look How Cute This Thing Is

OK just ordered this toy and now have like $41 for myself for the rest of the month but DANG IT it's cute. I read reviews that the eyes did not show well and I can fix that by trimming or styling the fuzz. It's a little under a foot tall and will sit on the small chair I recently put in the living room. There was an instant coupon for $2 so that will buy me 1 coffee out with friends. Yeah, I know I'm running out of places to put stuffed cats and I am turning into the crazy stuffed cat guy, but look at it!

NOTE: There was a Chinese knock off for $8 less and free shipping but I don't want to encourage that kind of trade. I'd rather pay a bit more for an actual product than a knock off. The "cheep" ones are just that, not well made and not the same size generally.

I noticed that someone gave it 1 star. Well there are always instructions and MOST toys I've seen like this say NOT to put them in the dryer. Well guess what? He put it in the dryer and destroyed it and somehow because he can't follow instructions it's the companies fault. Just like the 6 inch Pastel Pusheens I got. Did you notice the 6 inch part? Well it was in the title and 1 star "I expected it to be much bigger". Sigh.


  1. Pusheen is gonna be mad

    1. LOL she will get along with this fellow just fine - it's time I had a male in the pile...


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