This is me sticking to the bean diet. What is the bean diet? We you eat beans for breakfast and 1 other meal. Normal folks it would be lunch for the other meal, but I'm sleep till 10 am or so every day that I can. So... I end up having breakfast at lunch time. Then dinner is chicken (I can cook it 500 ways). Then beans again at about 9 pm. I eat dinner at about 4:30 pm or 5 pm.

It's been a hell of a struggle this last year worth of this diet as I been falling off the wagon 50% of the time. That makes for gaining weight or losing only a tinny bit. I've gone 47 weeks into the year (I started in March) and 17 of them I gained weight - most of the time kind of a lot of it. Sigh.

But 28 weeks I have lost weight and 2 weeks there was no change at all. So In all this term I have lost 33.2 lbs. 3 years ago (2 years on the diet) I topped out at 498 lbs. So I have lost 139.6 lbs so far in that time. Last term I lost 73.4 lbs and struggled a lot less, also lost less each week on average.

I managed to drop 33 lbs on no actual diet the first year of it.

5 more weeks in this term and I hope to drop a total of 70 lbs - I don't know if it will happen, but I'm going to try.

When you are addicted to food you can't just stop eating. So in a way it's harder than most other addictions because you CAN stop them. Eating causes me to feel the reward of the addiction and it's easy because of that to just get a pizza and oink out.

My entire childhood and teen years food was a reward system and an emotional support. This trend lasted my entire life. When I was very little my parents would give me too much food and I would say "I'm full" and they would make me sit at the table until I finished the food. The regarded not finishing the plate as "a sin". I thus ended up in a situation where I could no longer tell when I was full.

I have literally no excuse for falling off the wagon so much. most of the time I have not had any emotional downfalls of any kind and have been happy most of the time. So I just did it because it felt good and kept doing it because it felt good the last time.

See to me it's way better than sex. Eating is the most pleasurable thing I do. The act of eating alone give pleasure. There is way more pleasure when it tastes good - lets face it most of us have been trained to think processed and sugar filled food is better tasting.

The strange thing is, most people who where raised with no sugar or processed food don't like that kind of food when they try it. Yet if they eat it enough they start to like it and it becomes addicting.

Sugar is like a drug in your body. It triggers pleasure receptors and when you stop eating it you body craves it and you feel sick. If you have had an addiction to drugs or know someone who has, this will be familiar. Until the body adjusts to not getting sugar you feel a physical need for it.

Like all drugs not all people actually get the same thing out of it and some never get the sickness but most do. Processed food has a lot of chemicals in it that act in a similar manner just not nearly as badly as sugar does.

The strange thing is raw sugar is way less addicting and way less harmful to your body.

In any event - this is me trying my best not to fall off the wagon until I get done with my term at least. Yes I will treat myself now and then - you literally have to do this or your brain starts hating the diet. Most of us do need the treat now and then - just NOT OFTEN.


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