There was a recent online pole on one of our news outlets here in Canada that stated 80% of people wish to be anonymous if they win the lotto instead of the mass publicity they put you threw.

5% said they where fin with the publicity

10% had no clue

And 5% said they don't play the lotto.

This tells me 2 things - 1 people don't want to be splashed all over the media if they win money (lets face it, it's a risk to their family safety) and 2 95% of people who read the news on this outlet play the lotto.

I have always said it's a big risk to have people splashed all over TV and the internet when they win. So someone grabs you kid or your mom or your sister and wants money. We all know most of the time this does not end well even if you do pay. So why the hell would any sane person want this? You put up with the risk though because it changes your life and your families life for the better forever.

I'm with a lot of people on this and think you should not have to go threw that to get the payout. Lets face it the people who play the lotto don't play because they say someones face in the news but because they want a chance to win.

I spend $20 a month (well less now) on the lotto. I don't go over the top with it. I also don't have this delusion that if I play 10X more tickets I have a better chance to win. Do the math and you will see you need to spend a couple of K to get a noticeable jump in odds.

Any way - I have literally forgotten what the hell my point was and digressed so I'll just end it here...


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