Collection or Obsession?

Collection or obsession is a good question. I am kind of big time into getting Pusheen toys in the house. I did however just spend $22 on a new kitty that was not a Pusheen. Still...

I started collecting stuffed toys years ago. I got one every time Mom went into the hospital - I can't even tell you why, I just did.

Later on I gave almost all of those away as I was not attached to them at all. I just kept 1 out of that batch (a cow). I also ended up getting a stuffed bear for Mom and bringing home the stuffed dog she had in her apartment when she went into the home. Still have all of them.

I now have 11 Pusheen toys, the big fluffy white kitty, a bear, a cow and a dog.

Before the Pusheen toys a person came into my place and saw all the stuffed toys and assumed I was "special needs" for some reason. I mean talk about not getting the facts, but I just ignored it. Not like you can change peoples minds these days after they make an assumption - it almost never works.

I have to say the only think keeping me from having a LOT more Pusheen and the like toys is money. If I ever win the lotto I'm literally going to have a room with all the walls lined with stuffies.

Now I am a 51 year old male - so this in it's self makes people wonder why Pusheen as the vast majority of fans are female. But yes there are a few of us in the world who are male and love that cat.

The best thing is, years ago I looked at an obsessed collector and thought "I'm never going to do that". HA and here I am. Funny story that as well, that fellow complains he never has money then spends thousands on collectibles every year. Well there is no reconciling the logic for collecting - there is NONE - we just do it.

Would like to know if you collect anything - let me know in the comments please :) Have a good day.


  1. lol your collecton is nothing, when I moved to the US I walked into a house that had hundreds of Beanie Babies every where, you had to shovel them away to even use the microwave

    1. Well the guy I mentioned has filled his house, 2 storage bays and maybe 12 sheds on a lot he got just for his stuff. that is a bit much. But literally if I could afford it I would have EVERYTHING they make.


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