Last Year Cut 6 People Out of My Life

This is very much in reference to several people I have eliminated from my life in the last year. That all had literally all the eight signs mentioned above. I finally got just to tired of them going off on people and saying how terrible people treat them at the same time. They where obviously jealous of a lot of people around them as they took every opportunity to run them down when they accomplished things. It also has to be all about them all the time or they are unhappy (well OK they where never happy). They also lost their minds when you or anyone said, "you need to stop being this way, it's not good for you". This fits 5 people I have cut out of my life after years of putting up with their nonsense.

There was 1 more I cut out of my life but it was because I was foolish to (for most of my life) allow him to use me for things he needed and also foolish enough to never realize he had not once done anything for me. The last of him was when I asked him to help me when I was hurt and needed help cleaning up the place and he wanted to be paid for it.

So yeah that is the 6 people I have know for years that I have eliminated from my life. I have to say that it has caused me no grief at all and has improved the quality of my life greatly to not have to deal with these people on social media and in real life anymore.

I have to say that if anyone fits either pattern mentioned, you for your own good should cut them loose and walk away for good. Several others I know have recently done the same for all 6 of them and are all the more happy for doing so.

Peace and Love to you - Hugs.


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