Hanes Socks - 12 pair there of. I got them for $18.02. See I normally get gold toe but they are like $36 for 12 pair of them. Also I have had these before and they last just as long as the gold toe, so why spend way more money? After all I have stuffed toys I want to buy.

My feet eat socks like crazy, they just do - so they won't live much more than 6 or 8 months so being I was a bit ahead this month on "me money" I decided rather than waste it on "fun" like other months, I'd get the socks and have them for when the rest of the old ones die on me. I think I'm down to 6 pair now and they are failing fast.

I get the ankle socks because of my size and the fact that only "work socks" or "hockey socks" will fit my fat legs. So rather than have my feet be very hot all the time in heavy socks I get there and am happy.

Yes I know wally world has socks like this for less, they just don't have GOOD ones and literally they only last 3 months rather than 6 - so I get these ones. Also I would have to order and pay shipping anyway from wally as the store here has never ever had my size (13).

So they will sit on a shelf for another month or 2 till I need them. Best to have them now when I had the money rather than have to borrow money to get some later when I don't have the money. Any how - they fit well and are comfortable.

BTW I don't wash them before I use them - Mom always did this and I never followed her example.


  1. yeah the washing clothes before use is mostly due to excess dye etc, and only if you are really allergic.

    1. I've never had any issues unless I get some $8 shirt - then it will run - other then that It's all been fine.

  2. My dad and my grandpa liked the, "golden toe."

    1. Yeah they seem to be a bit stiffer and may last 1 more week than these do, but it's not worth twice as much to me. No socks I have had in the last 20 years lasted more than 8 months.


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