What I Am Up To Today

Not well today. I feel out of sorts. My tummy has been upset all day but not badly, just enough to bother me. As well I been in a brain fog for days now, so thinking and talking is an issue. Strange thing is I seem to be able to type what I'm thinking a lot better than say it when this happens - would love to know why.

In any event, I'm also having a mild Fibro hit at the moment because in a stupid moment I had sugar. I literally forget now and then and eat this hell on earth and then poof I get pain - today It's not that bad but could have been avoided if I had a memory. You really would think if it hurts me I would remember it, but NOPE.

I spent the last few hours watching YouTube vlogs and cooking chili in the slow cooker (2 kinds - 2 batches). I'll be done that in about an hour now when batch 2 is done with. They are super spicy and so yummy. Some people have flairs from spice, but I don't - in fact it helps a little with the pain for me. It is however not helping the upset tummy any.

I have a mass of things on the DVR to watch now and am very behind, but this brain fog has me unable to sit there for an hour and watch TV, so here I am just watching vlogs. I need to take a break between them though or I blank out and miss what they are saying.

In any event brain fog sucks and chili is yummy. Have an awesome day folks.


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