The majority of people I hang out with believe in some form of God. Some however had no God at all in their life and don't expect an afterlife to exist.

Among the ones that do believe, there is a very wide range of systems of belief spanning several religions and a multitude of forms of Christianity in the mix.

We are all for different backgrounds and live different lives. A good number are disabled and can't work. Some are retired and don't work and others hold jobs.

We are all colours and sizes and shapes and ages and sexualities and genders (more than 2). We are a strange lot for the most part as well - but in a very fun way.

There are several common things to most of the group but only 1 thing spans the entire group - we don't piss on each other for being different. We all get along and have love and respect for each other.

This has not always been the case however with several people losing their shit on me and others this last while. That being said, the group seems to now be down to the people who are stable and loving and not interesting in being the center of attention or being right at all costs.

We disagree but we don't push it. If someone has an opinion that is not like ours no one jumps on them for having it - they just state they think different and everyone moves on.

We also tend to all have a fundamental respect for human life no matter their station or wealth level. This carries over to us tending to care about the welfare of people and animals.

We support each other when it is needed. We show we care in many ways and we laugh and love together. We are more like a family than my actual family (they literally don't talk to me because I'm pansexual and disabled).

My online family is very important to me as it is to most of the people I hang out with online. If someone has not posted in a few days we go asking others if they know they are OK. My real family would not care if they say me on fire - so this is a great thing to me.

It is easy when spending a lot of time with online and real life friends to forget that most people are not like this - most are out for themselves and what makes them happy. For a lot of us our circle of friends has replaced actual family.

I just wish the world worked like we do - there would be no starving children and people dropping dead because they can't afford health care. There would be no war and poverty on the same streets as the super rich. But that is a dream and will NEVER be reality.

Lets face it humanity will never (for the most part) be more than angry greedy people. Hate and fear of those not like us will always be part of us and we will always divide into groups that don't like the other groups. We can hope but we will never be free of ourselves.


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