MY DAY - Feb 5, 2018

Today is one of them happy days where I'm glad to be alive. I am in relatively little pain and all that is wrong is I got the poops, so I'm happy as hell.

I'm going to watch Cloverfield and Cloverfield Paradox on Nextflix after I finish posting this.

I'm going to pour my last cup of coffee from the pot and close the blinds. I love the sunlight and it's actually out today, but it gets in my eyes watching TV this time of day.

At -16c (3f) it's too cold to go and be outside for long, so I am going to end up doing my walking in the basement tonight at about 10 pm or so (no one else is there then).

Soon I will need to do some laundry and I have to change the bedding so that will about fill the laundry bag with the clothing in it already. So perhaps I'll do the laundry tonight and do my walking while it washes and dries. If I go over midnight, I will vlog for tomorrow in the basement.

In any event, time to hit the can again and go watch some movies. Have an awesome day all.


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