So I am in a brain fog today to a small extent, but this day has been great so far. I woke up with a sore back but for some reason I was in a great mood. I love it when the universe lines up just right and everything makes you smile. 

It's one of those I'm grateful kind of days as well. I am sure as hell just that, grateful for everything and every one in my life.

I give thanks for:

  • All the great people who give me love and support.
  • Having a nice apartment that I can afford.
  • The disability plan I'm on that feeds and cloths me.
  • The ability to go out with friends now and then and enjoy talking to them.
  • That I have been able to get all the stuffed toys I have collected as they give me a great deal of joy in my life.
  • For a strong belief in a God and an afterlife.
  • For being able to read books and listen to music and enjoy art.
  • To be able to create art (even if I'm just OK at it).
  • To be able to hang out online with all my friends who give me love.
  • The ability to cook food I enjoy eating.
  • The encouragement to lose weight that I need so much (from friends and strangers alike).
  • Living in a city I have loved to live in most of my life.
  • The inspiration of the people who I hang out with threw their words and art that make me want to create and be a better person.
  • Being warm and safe and dry (a good number of people don't have this).
  • That I live in a place where people care for the poor and the disabled instead of tossing them aside.
  • Well, the list is much longer - but you get the point I think.

God bless and thank you to all who have made my life so good these many years.


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