I don't sleep well at night so I often end up trying to watch TV in the wee hours. Well at least once a month I end up with this instead of being able to watch TV. Seems Shaw is not that great at keeping it working at night - why the down time seems to OFTEN be in the middle of the night I don't know.

Every single time I end up on their web page and it almost NEVER says anything about a service interruption of scheduled down time. I have a great deal of time left on the contract with them and don't have the over $300 to pay off the contract early and switch, so I'm kind of stuck.

Ya know, I like how blinding fact the internet is with them instead of with Sasktel (40 is the best I can get in my location and Shaw gives me 150) but DANG they annoy me some days. There seems to be at least once a week there will be pixelation problems as well.

I have to say when I get the change I am 80% sure I'll switch to Sasktel for internet and cable and deal with the slower speeds. It will in fact be noticeably less money for the same thing I'm getting now as well.

If this was not an issue so many times in the short time I have had their service, I would be happy with them for a long time to come - but here it is over and over again.


  1. If it is anything like here just call em and bitch about the down time you might get a credit on your next bill. here I usually get $15-25 credit every time there is an outtage, I go on the online chat because they usually read from a script and it is all about pleasing the customer hehe

    1. They don't care and wonder why the company is losing that bug profit margin they used to have


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